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Monday, 9 May 2011

More from Emy

and this time its a card - Emy has made a HAPPY BIRTHDAY card but you could make it for any occasion
Happy Birthday card with water distressed flowers

You will need:

Blank card

Patterned paper




Ink pad

MLS alphabet stickers

· I started making the card by making my own water distressed flowers. I love this technique as it is really effective and only essential equipment is paper, scissors and water.

· Cut out 4 wobbly circles and then snip into the edges to make the petals. Wet the cardstock and scrunch up the circles. Gently open them up again and leave to dry.

· When the card is dry, ink the edges of the flowers and then stack up the flower. Add a button in the centre.

· The card was finished with a paper frill and a birthday banner held in pace with a pin.

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